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Roof Restoration

Stop leaks, create ideal bonding conditions, resist chemicals

Existing roofing systems reach a point in their lifecycles when leaks start to develop. Then, a decision must be made. Do you put a new system on top of the old, or tear off the existing system and replace it with a new one? ErgonArmor offers cost-effective solutions for whichever choice you make. Our coatings will stop leaks and add years of life to your roofing system.

Our product range includes:

  • Novotac primer, an acrylic-based chemistry that tackifies the substrates to produce an ideal surface for bonding self-adhering asphalt membranes and underlayment.
  • Ertech’s polymer modified asphaltic emulsions for roofing and waterproofing, which have high elastomeric properties and low perm ratings along with excellent chemical resistance.
  • Ertech 3035, which is designed to be co-sprayed with a breaking agent to provide a fast curing and high build monolithic membrane.
  • Ertech 3135, which is the same formula as Ertech 3035 but with a fire retardant that gives it a UL Class A flame spread rating on non-combustible deck to unlimited slope.
  • Ertech 3036, which can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and generally is used as prep work grade.
  • Ertech 3037, which has a higher viscosity making it an all-purpose grade that can be brushed, rolled, troweled or sprayed.
  • Ertech 2030, which can be used as an economical method to flood coat and fill in the profile found on most tar and gravel roofs. This is done to give a level profile with more surface area to bond a top coat to the existing roof.
  • Blackhawk 5103 asphalt roof primer, which is often used to prepare substrates to receive subsequent asphalt roof system components such as hot asphalt, torch applications or cold process adhesives. 5103 is a thin penetrating consistency with greater than 350 g/l of VOCs.
  • Blackhawk 5300 and 5500 series of cold adhesives, which are proven to have a greater than 30-year track record of holding asphalt roofing membranes in place even in hurricane force winds.
  • Blackhawk 5400, a workhorse flashing cement to seal and protect the most demanding areas of the roof such as penetrations and curbs, as well as inside and outside corners. 5400 is an economical grade that can be used in any of the aforementioned situations including night seals in phased construction.
  • Blackhawk 5600, a high-performance flashing cement using select graded asphalt and filers for increased vertical performance. This product can be used in vertical 3-coursing applications and resists slump.