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Extend service life, speed return-to-service, restore integrity

Protection of steel or alloy surfaces on process pumps can range from guarding exterior surfaces against aggressive acids to defending interior surfaces from abrasive slurries, friction, cavitation and chemical exposures which can cause corrosion and severe pitting over time.

ErgonArmor’s Novocoat products are proven to perform for the long haul when exposed to aggressive chemistry and abrasive slurries.

Our product range includes:

  • Machinable, 100% solids, aggregate filled epoxy.
  • Novolac epoxy repair putties.
  • Brushable ceramic top coats.

Novocoat products provide excellent chemical and abrasion resistance to extend reliability of pump casings, volutes, impellers and discharge headers. High chlorides, acidic exposures and even high temperatures are easily handled by our range of specialized linings and exterior coatings.

When your process team begins the corrosion-resistant lining selection process, turn to ErgonArmor’s 120 years of combined experience for the necessary technical expertise to guide your selection.