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Control corrosion, reduce maintenance, extend service life

ErgonArmor works with power generators, engineers and contractors to design sophisticated, long-term corrosion and wear protection systems to optimize reliability and cost of ownership.

Our product range includes:

  • Tank linings
  • Scrubber linings
  • Chimney and duct linings
  • Secondary containment linings
  • Chemical-resistant flooring
  • Abrasion-resistant linings
  • Corrosion-resistant linings
  • Structural steel coatings
  • Machinable repair compounds
  • Cooling tower basin linings
  • Concrete and metal repair compounds
  • Neutralization basin linings
  • Ash pond liners
  • Acid brick and tile linings
  • Borosilicate glass block linings
  • Trench and sump liners
  • Epoxy machine setting grout

Coal-fired power plants with flue gas desulphurization scrubbers are complex chemical plants designed to capture the sulfur gasses given off from the combustion of coal. Wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers and bag houses are used to clean up gas streams when coal is used as a fuel source to generate power. Process tanks, concrete containment surfaces and boiler chemical feed rooms all require chemical-resistant materials.

Coal-fired power plants demand sophisticated corrosion protection. ErgonArmor’s Pennguard™ Block Lining Systems resist acidic conditions within stacks and FGD equipment, providing the protection you need in these lining applications.

Coal handling equipment such as conveyors, silos, bunkers and ball mills require heavy duty protection against dilute acids as well as impact and constant abrasion. ErgonArmor’s machinable repair compounds are tailored to excel in this type of environment, offering long-term performance.

When initial cost considerations drive the corrosion-resistant lining selection process, power utilities turn to ErgonArmor Penncoat™, Penntrowel™ and Novocoat Linings, which incorporate flake fillers, mat reinforcement and state-of-the-art resin technology. These linings will find applications in other parts of the plant, including tank linings, neutralization basins and cooling tower basins.